kor-fxThe KOR-FX Gaming Vest that was a Kickstarter project which managed to raise up an adequate amount of funds in order to become reality, is finally ready to rock and roll as it enters the shipping phase. Making clever use of award-winning 4DFX technology, the KOR-FX Gaming Vest will be able to turn audio into acousto-haptic signals, so that gamers themselves will be able to “feel” every single bit of the action – although a potentially lethal bone crunching tackle in a football game is not going to result in a similar injury while wearing this, but you will certainly be able to feel the hit.

The KOR-FX Gaming Vest will retail for $150 a pop, and it is ready for immediate shipment both domestically and internationally. Basically, the KOR-FX Gaming Vest works this way – it will be able to transform the player’s chest cavity into an instrument which echoes game audio all throughout the torso, in the process delivering extremely accurate magnitude and directionality. There are also the presence of multiple adjustable haptic filters as well as control settings which enable gamers to fine-tune sensitivity of environmental feedback so that one can customize their gaming experience.

This results in a whole new level of in-game situational awareness, and when merged with the latest gaming or virtual reality technologies, it will be able to offer the tactile component of a completely immersive experience.

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