Sledgehammer Games has talked a lot about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over the past few months, it even released a couple of trailers in order to get the hype machine going but it appears that there was one thing the developer was saving for later. Apparently the title has a zombie mode as well. This was uncovered after a trailer depicting the zombie mode was leaked online.

There’s no need to doubt the authenticity of this trailer because there has been a confirmation of sorts from studio head at Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, through Twitter. He wrote regarding the leak that “Nothing I can do about it now. But yeah it sucks. Imagine you’re playing and this comes up- you’d be psyched up, right?”

The trailer surfaced online initially on a Reddit thread but it was pulled soon after. Copies of the trailer started floating on YouTube but those videos are being swiftly taken down as well.

Zombie mode in Advanced Warfare puts exo-suit touting soldiers against the undead and all the gameplay in this mode is shot in first-person. It is unclear right now whether Zombie mode will be an unlockable bonus or whether it will arrive later through a DLC.

Activision hasn’t said anything as yet which is a bit odd since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is due for release on November 4th.

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