Sledgehammer Games has come out in full force against Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reverse boost. The developer of this title has clearly said that players involved in reverse boosting will be banned. Sledgehammer Games will not tolerate players who exploit the system and the developer is committed to banning them so as to improve the playing experience for all.

In case you don’t know what reverse boosting is, basically its when players kill themselves deliberately and mess up their stats on purpose during multiplayer matches. This ends up tricking the matchmaking system, which is skill-based, to place them in lobbies with new players which they can easily dominate.

In team-based matches any player found reverse boosting can be responsible for bringing penalties for their team members. Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey has experienced this himself and calls it “incredibly frustrating.”

Condrey says that Call of Duty is both “social and competitive” and that the practice of reverse boosting is now right as it hurts the online experience of all players involved in the team.

He points out that Sledgehammer Games has now increased its focus on reverse boost banning to tackle this issue while confirming that this doesn’t mean the developer is banning particular styles like trick shots.

“We’re pushing to eliminate these behaviors from the game,” Condrey says, so those who have been taking part in reverse boosting should better stop before the banhammer drops on them.

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