bitcoin-walletA Bitcoin entrepreneur from the Netherlands has made headlines after he decided to do some body modification work on his hands, and by that, I do not mean getting a tattoo or pierce them. Basically, Martijn Wismeijer has embedded a couple of microchips into his hands, where these microchips will “carry” the virtual currency so that he is able to perform contactless payments wherever possible.

These microchips will come enclosed in a capsule that measures 2mm x 12mm, where the capsule itself is made out of “biocompatible” glass. Fret not about the hygiene bit, as these microchips have been injected by a professional via a special syringe. They will be able to emit a tiny radio signal thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC), where it is capable of storing up to 888 bits of information – each.

This particular experiment was conducted because Mr. Wismeijer intends to “push further the concept of the virtual wallet.” He is clearly a man who believes in Bitcoin, taking into consideration how he also happens to be the co-founder of MrBitcoin, a company that installs Bitcoin cash.

With NFC, the microchips are able to communicate with compatible devices, including Android-powered smartphones or tablets. These microchips can be purchased off the Internet, where they are sold alongside a syringe for $99 a pop via the Dangerous Things company.

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