bitcoin-legalMuch has been said and done about Bitcoin all this while, including the installation of a Bitcoin ATM to make currency conversion easier for those who have some Bitcoin to spend. Having said that, we have received word that Google has already set up a Bitcoin ATM at its London campus in order to analyze the entire usage of the cryptocurrency, as well as to develop new ideas which are based on the virtual currency.

Previously, Google did drop hints that they could very well introduce the support of Bitcoin in its products via its Wallet service, although there was no public or official announcement concerning such intentions. With a Bitcoin ATM installed over at its London campus at the moment, then users can make purchases of both food and drinks using the cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin ATM (or BTM for short) has been installed for experimental purposes, so that one can analyze the usage of Bitcoin as well as encourage folks to develop new experiences which will be based on the virtual currency. When it comes to payment, the BTM will rely on an application which is known as Wyre, where the Wyre app that is installed on a smartphone will be authenticated using Callsign. This particular machine allegedly accepts notes, and users are required to have a Bitcoin wallet in order to store the deposited funds.

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