Everything on an Android device is linked to a Google account. You need one just to be able to install apps on the device, other than that, it is also required for accessing various Google services. Even device backups are linked to the Google account. If you happen to go through a lot of devices and wonder if the account is still linked to any one of them then Google’s new dashboard is just the tool for you.

The Devices and Activity dashboard can be accessed from inside the Google account’s security settings. It will list every single device with which your Google Account was linked over the past 28 days. It will also display when was the last time the account was accessed and from where.

It will be possible to unlink a Google account from a device so that all of the data associated with it remains protected and safe against unauthorized use. This feature will come in handy if its not possible for you to use a feature that lets you remotely wipe that device.

This is a good tool particularly if your job requires you to frequently switch devices. By using the Devices and Activity dashboard you can be sure that there’s no chance of your Google Account being misused on a device that was previously linked to it.

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