new-2ds-designNintendo did rule the world of handheld gaming back in the 1990s, what with their Game Boy and all the variants that came along with it in the subsequent years to come. In fact, there was one particular design which was my favorite – one that sported a translucent plastic case, allowing you to check out the circuit boards within. It was a surreal experience for sure, and the tradition also continued with the Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color, in addition to the Game Boy Advance that rolled out not too long after the Game Boy Advance rolled out. Everyone loved the translucent Game Boy and its subsequent releases, and now the same love can be showed to Nintendo’s newly redesigned 2DS handhelds.

There are two versions – “Crystal Red” and “Crystal Blue” variants of the Nintendo 2DS which will roll out in tandem with the spanking new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games this coming November 21st at $99.99 a pop. Ever wonder how come they are not called “Crystal Ruby” and “Crystal Sapphire” instead? Regardless, you can now roll back the years with either translucent model, while enjoying a new remake of both titles. If you already own a Nintendo 2DS, would you expand your collection even more? [Press Release]

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