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Limited Edition Ocarina Of Time Zelda Nintendo 2DS Will Be Released For Black Friday
November is here, which means that the Black Friday frenzy will begin soon. Companies want to get the hype going for their products ahead of the biggest online shopping event of the year. Like it did last year, Nintendo is going to release a few limited edition bundles for the holiday season.

Nintendo 2DS Gets Another Price Cut This Month
Nintendo has confirmed that it’s cutting the price of the 2DS once again. The company’s handheld console originally retailed at $130 but it was soon reduced to $100. Now, less than a year after the first price cut was put in place, Nintendo today announced that it’s cutting the price by an additional $20 on May 20th, after which the Nintendo 2DS will be available for $80 only. Clearly the […]

Limited Edition Pokemon-Colored Nintendo 2DS Launched In Japan
If there is one thing that gamers around the world might be jealous of gamers in Japan, it would be their access to pretty cool and limited edition devices, and sometimes even titles that are released in Japan first before being localized for their markets. That being said for our huge Pokemon fans, it seems that over in Japan they have launched limited edition versions of the Nintendo 2DS to […]

Nintendo 2DS Has Its Price Cut To $99.99
Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console is pretty cool with its glasses-free 3D display. However it isn’t exactly cheap, not to mention not everyone really needs the 3D technology anyway, why is why a couple of years ago, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 2DS handheld console. Unlike the 3DS, the 2DS does not feature 3D technology.Instead if anything, it feels more like a handheld console of the good old days with hardware upgrades. […]


New Nintendo 2DS Designs Rolls Back The Years
Nintendo did rule the world of handheld gaming back in the 1990s, what with their Game Boy and all the variants that came along with it in the subsequent years to come. In fact, there was one particular design which was my favorite – one that sported a translucent plastic case, allowing you to check out the circuit boards within. It was a surreal experience for sure, and the tradition […]

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Special Edition Hardware Bundle To Launch On July 4
Do you have any plans for this coming Independence Day? If you’re thinking about holding a barbeque in your backyard along with the company of good friends and fantastic food, then that sounds about as American as it can be. However, the kids might feel rather bored in a setting full of adults who do this thing called “socializing” without the presence of any kind of touchscreen devices. Perhaps you […]

Europe To Receive Special Edition Nintendo 2DS
Folks who live in Europe might be pleased to hear that they will soon be on the receiving end of a special edition Nintendo 2DS later this May. Of course, the Nintendo 2DS which was unveiled last year has not exactly burned up the hardware sales charts, but I guess one cannot fault the Japanese company for trying. Later this May, a special edition pink and white Nintendo 2DS would […]

Nintendo 2DS Bundled With Pokemon X/Y Coming Dec. 6
If you braved Black Friday this year, then you know Nintendo had some pretty sweet bundles available for the biggest shopping day of the year. Nintendo announced they would be bundling its Nintendo 3DS with a copy of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon as well as holding retailer-specific deals on Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds. It looks like Nintendo isn’t done bundling its handhelds with popular games as the […]

Nintendo Bundling 3DS With Luigi's Mansion Plus 2DS, 3DS XL Black Friday Sales
We think it’s safe to say Nintendo has flooded the market with a number of options in terms of bundles for this holiday season. We’ve seen bundles for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS that offer exclusive hardware as well as copies of certain games, and this week, the company has announced a new 3DS bundle as well as special discounts at certain retailers for both the Nintendo […]

Luigi-Themed Nintendo 2DS Spotted Online
Whether you like it or not, the Nintendo 2DS is here to make a statement to the gaming world that Nintendo apparently knows exactly what it’s doing with its hardware. The controversial handheld released on October 12, the same day Pokemon X & Y was released, and today, we’re hearing of a brand-new version of the Nintendo 2DS is expected to hit the market very soon.

Hulu Plus Now Available On The Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL And 2DS
Hulu Plus has been making itself available across as many platforms as rival video streaming service Netflix has as it has an application on video game consoles, smart TVs and set-top media streaming boxes. Hulu is adding yet another platform where it can spread its content to, and this time, it’s headed to one of the most popular handheld gaming platforms around, the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 2DS Teardown Confirms Its Single LCD Screen Design
This weekend was a pretty big one for Nintendo as not only did they release Pokemon X & Y at a record-breaking pace, but they also released a new handheld called the Nintendo 2DS. We were able to get some hands-on time with the Nintendo 2DS this past weekend at New York Comic Con, and after playing around with the handheld, we are certainly curious to see what makes the device […]

Hands-on: Nintendo 2DS Review
Nintendo unveiled its Nintendo 2DS in late August as a version of its popular 3DS video game handheld that would be targeted towards “very young kids.” When Nintendo originally made their announcement, many gamers didn’t believe it to be an actual product, but seeing how we were able to get our hands on the Nintendo 2DS this weekend at the New York Comic Con, we can tell you that indeed is a […]