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For the past few years we have seen Samsung inundate the market with dozens of smartphone models that cover almost every imaginable segment of the market. Now though the company is going to make a change as its struggles in the smartphone market continue to grow. Samsung has said that it is going to cut down on its smartphone models by up to 30 percent, a move it hopes will help plug declining profits of its mobile business.

The possibility that Samsung might reduce the number of smartphones it releases every year was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. During a presentation in New York this was reiterated by the company’s head of investor relations, Robert Yi, who confirmed that Samsung is going to cut the number of models by “about 25% to 30%.”

What Yi didn’t reveal was which of Samsung’s product lines will get the cut. Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are two of the company’s most popular and well known product lines but there are countless others, with some even varying by region, and Samsung isn’t confirming as yet which of those lines will not be refreshed in the coming year.

It remains to be seen whether or not this move makes any difference to Samsung’s troubles in the smartphone market. For us, it means having a significantly less amount of Samsung devices to track in a year.

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