When Apple’s new iPhones finally reached customers reports starting coming in from iPhone 6 Plus owners. Some of them claimed that their units were bending and this gave rise to the phenomenon now generally known as #bendgate. Apparently the units were being bent particularly if they were carried in the back pocket of tight jeans. Apple’s official claim was that it had only received nine complaints of bent units but a new video posted online shows proof of 300 iPhone 6 Plus units going through the same.

The video is the work of a consumer action group which calls itself “One of the Nine.” The group asked people with bent iPhone 6 Plus units to send in pictures. Those pictures were then put together into a video.

Why was this done? To refute Apple’s claim that it had only been told of nine cases of the iPhone 6 Plus bending. Clearly the problem has affected other owners as well, but in all fairness, Apple finding out about this depends upon the owners actually telling the company that their units have bent.

Even if there’s substantial proof to show that over 300 units did bend it still doesn’t become a problem with the iPhone 6 Plus itself. Apple has already sold millions of units of its new iPhones and if it were that easily bendable, the issue would have affected significantly more people.

Oh, and about those rumors that the iPhone 6 Plus had quietly been reinforced by Apple? They’re false.

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