walmart-blackfriThe next price war is about to start, or so it seems, as we have received word from Reuters that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has already informed their managers of the green light to go ahead and match prices with Inc., in addition to the prices of other online retailers. This particular edict, if I may call it that, will target approximately all 5,000 stores that are dotted all over the United States.

Greg Foran mentioned that this particular directive was a way of formalizing a practice that happens to be in effect across numerous stores already. I suppose it is always good to have an official rubber stamp on a particular announcement, don’t you think so? It makes the administration bit a whole lot easier, and Foran also mentioned, “About half of the stores were doing it anyway.”

Just which particular items on Wal-Mart do you think will be priced in order to match those on other online retailers, and do you think that such a strategy will be able to result in a win-win situation for everyone involved in the long run? I know that consumers everywhere will smile, knowing that as the bigwigs duke it out in terms of pricing, there ought to be some decent deals out there to look out for from now on.

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