facebook_whatsapp_icons-1WhatsApp, deemed by many to be one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, has started to encrypt the entirety of its data – and this is by default, too, which is a move that privacy advocates claim would be able to do its bid when it comes to communicating with one another without having governments and hackers to eavesdrop on your electronic communication.

Software developers group Open Whisper Systems has forged a partnership with WhatsApp to come up with an end-to-end encryption which intends to make it nigh impossible for foreign governments – U.S. agencies included, to intercept text messages – never mind that there is a warrant shoved in front of your face as well. This particular move comes across after both Apple and Google mentioned that they would be encrypting data stored on iPhones and on Android devices by default.

Do you think that such encryption would be a huge blow when it comes to legitimate investigations of criminal suspects, or is there going to be more pros than cons in such a situation? Only time will be able to tell as to whether this added security measure would tip in favor among end users, or whether governments might want to step in and do something about it – if possible.

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