miami-vice-ferrariBeing part of a chequered history might be something that some of us look forward to – after all, that might just cement the legacy of the family bloodline, and then some. For those who love to follow pop culture, and would like to be part of TV broadcasting history, you might have to empty out your bank account, and then some, in order to pick up this pristine looking, all-white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa that was driven by legendary TV policemen on Miami Vice. The asking price? $1.75 million. I hope you did not choke on your eggnog while reading about the sticker price.

This 1986 Ferrari Testarossa was driven by “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs that proved to be extremely popular in the 1980s TV series, Miami Vice, and it has been valued at $1.75 million by a south Florida pawn and auto loan company Auto Pawn Plus. Auto Pawn Plus owner Peter Lima claimed that they picked up the car from the producer of the TV series, which was one of Universal Studios’ segments, all the way back in 1991, where it has been stored in a garage for close to three decades. After all this while, the mileage stands at just 25,750km, and it comes with the integrated Motorola phone which was used in the TV series back then.

Should no buyer approach to bring home this pristine beauty, the ride will be placed on an up market auction, where it is tipped to cost even more. So far, Ferrari has not confirmed the authenticity of the car.

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