ricketss-apple1There is definitely value in the old items, especially when it does take on a significant historical moment. Case in point, this 38-year-old computer from Apple, otherwise known as the Apple-1, has managed to sell for $365,000 – having failed to make the grade where Christie’s pre-auction estimate is concerned, hitting just 40% of the October record. This vintage machine was purchased from Steve Jobs’ garage, and it surely yielded some disappointment for those who wished to see new records being created – after all, didn’t a working model of the Apple-1 go for $905,000 just this last October?

Bob Luther had this to say about the selling price of his Apple-1, “It was a little disappointing. But it was time for me to move on, and it’s good that it’s sold. Owning it has been an incredible experience. And I can’t complain. I’m a big Apple fan and I’m not very diversified in my 401(k) because a very high percentage of it is in Apple stock. And [that Apple stock] has been very good to me.”

Apart from that, the very same auction also saw Ron Wayne’s documents in the past, who happens to be the third co-founder of Apple, having those sold for $25,000, which also happens to be below its Christie’s estimate.

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