BloomSky-Pic8In some parts of the world, there are countries in which the weather remains relatively stable throughout the year with minor fluctuations, especially in the tropics such as Malaysia and Singapore where it is consistently hot. However there are also parts of the world where the weather can change in an instant, or present big variations over small distances: San Francisco is a great example of that.

This makes weather apps and devices all the more important because people need to know if they should bring a coat, an umbrella, whether it is a good day to go to the beach, and so on. Well come CES 2015 next week, BloomSky will be showing off a smart weather station that users can install in their homes.

This device will rely on cloud computing to bring “hyperlocal” weather reporting directly to the user’s smartphone, and users will also be able to share that information along with photos onto their social networks (sharing your photos is not mandatory if privacy is a concern). As you can see in the image above, BloomSky’s device is an outdoor module that users can install in their backyard.

With more sensors in the hands of users, it will be able to predict the weather based on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, UV exposure, precipitation, wind speed, direction, and more. It will also come with a built-in camera to record and capture those images that will be sent to your smartphone. It’s an interesting device and for those who stay in regions which experiences a lot of micro-climates, this might be a device of interest you. Small businesses that depend on weather conditions may also have an interest in sharing their local weather. Customers of outdoor activities or restaurants could really benefit from knowing how the sky is before heading out.

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