swattingSwatting is a horrible prank that some people do to one another. Basically it involves one person calling the police and pretending to be in a hostage or dangerous situation and giving them the address of the other person. The other person will then have the police kick their door down and have guns pointed in their face.


Not only is it a nasty thing to do, but it is also illegal, and it looks like over in Canada one 17-year old teen has been arrested over multiple swatting pranks. The teen, who has not been publicly identified due to his minor status, has been accused on pulling swatting pranks on a high school in Florida by threatening to shoot everyone in there with an AK-47.

He was later accused to swatting another girl he met online as she had reportedly rejected his advances. He called the police, gave them the girl’s home address, and claimed that “he was inside the house, had killed his parents, and would kill any officers who came to the scene.” A report from CBC revealed that the teen will be charged with “one count of extortion, three counts of public mischief, and three counts relating to breach of probation.”

He could also be facing civil action in an attempt to recoup the thousands of dollars wasted in police resources which were need to respond to his prank calls. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, “It’s very dangerous, and it’s dangerous because you’ve got deputies speeding on the road trying to get to this event because we have no choice but to believe it’s real.”

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