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Code Your Way To The White House This Holiday Season
It must be noted that the National Park Service’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is an ancient one – at least by today’s “instant” generation, taking into consideration how this tree lighting ceremony dates back all the way to 1923. However, in a move that will prove to be extremely popular among the connected masses, this year’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony would be on the receiving end of a […]

Arduino-Powered Christmas Tree For Geeks
Do you happen to love all things high tech? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely fall in love with what Zach Burhop has done, where the has decided to soup up his Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments, and not only that, he has also ensured that this tree is Arduino-powered for that extra touch of geekiness. Burhop’s day job is an aerospace engineer and […]

GAME Christmas Tinned Food Takes A Humorous Look At Gamers
Gamers are extremely simple people as they would be able to survive on Coke and pizza alone, or so that was what I experienced back in my college days, paying more attention to the PSOne and GBA compared to my books, without thinking too much about what I am going to eat later on. Food? What’s that? Well, the folks over at UK retailer GAME has come up with the […]

Uber Will Deliver Christmas Trees To Your Door For Just $135
Uber has been the service of choice for those who need a ride, but don’t want to be bothered with actually hailing a cab. Just last month, Uber announced they would be accepting payments through PayPal, which is certainly a good thing, especially since the company has announced they are offering a service that will get a Christmas tree delivered to your doorstep.


Furby returns this year, potential Furby craze to ensue?
Anyone remember the Furby toy? This is one furry yet mechanical toy proved to be the Christmas piece de resistance back in 1998, sending parents into a frenzy to get one of these for their little ones, and with the insane demand, market forces dictated the resale price as triple that of the shelf sticker price tag. Manufacturers of the Furby, Tiger Electronics, have been toying with the idea of […]

Kobo breaks eBook records this Holiday Season
Kobo, the only pure-play global eReading service running on an open platform, has just revealed some interesting stats this holiday season. The kobo book service has managed to break their own records they set previously, and became the first eReading service to launch an eBook gifting and gift card program. This Christmas, over a million people connected to Kobo and they were all downloading several eBooks per second – enough […]

Google's Christmas doodle took six months to create
Many folks noticed a rather different doodle on Google’s homepage for two days from December 23rd. Well, it turns out that the doodle was a little special and took a little more effort from Google’s team. It took Google’s chief doodler, Micheal Lopez, and his team of four artists about six months to finish the whole project, and the doodle’s 17 sections were divided amongst the team. The result was […]

Cook the perfect turkey this Christmas
Christmas isn’t Christmas without a well done turkey, right? Well, if you aren’t too proficient in the kitchen and yet want to impress your families as well as in-laws this holiday season, the Talk Turkey Hotline from the British Turkey Federation (BTF) is just the thing for you. Of course, from the name alone, you know that this hotline is available only in the UK, where eight experts will be […]

Christmas Lights Turned Into A Game
What is Christmas without some fancy lights, right? A person named Ric Turner has decided to offer a cool light show that you can actually play with. If you happen to be passing by his house, you can use a controller out front to help Santa dodge snowballs and if you win, a special light show will go off to celebrate. The game is dubbed Snowball Blaster and is controlled […]

Uber10: the greatest gifts, coming up on November 12
Yes, it’s that time of the year again (we can’t believe it!). Soon, you will run around wondering what to get for your loved ones -probably at the last minute. We can help by suggesting the 10 greatest gifts (under $500) for this holiday season. They are called the “Uber10&rdquo. Please help us select an 11th gift by voting on an extended list (coming any day now).The Uber10 will be unveiled […]