cougar 500kWhen it comes to gaming keyboards, there are some gamers who swear by mechanical keys as they believe it provides better tactile feedback, not to mention that the sound can be quite addictive. However there are those who feel the opposite and believe that there are cheaper, better, and quieter options out there.

Well if you’re not a fan of mechanical keyboards but still want a gaming keyboard all the same, you might be interested to learn that Cougar has recently announced a new gaming keyboard in the form of the Cougar 500K. If you’re a fan of Cougar or have seen their products before, you’ll realize that the 500K is similar-ish in design to the 700K.

However the main difference is that the 500K will feature membrane keys versus the mechanical keys of the 700K. Cougar is also boasting that their membrane keyboard is just as good compared to mechanical keyboards, although we have yet to try it for ourselves so take it with a grain of salt for now.

That being said, the 500K will feature the same layout as the 700K which includes 6 fully customizable G-keys, dedicated keys for recording macros, profile switching, backlight control, Windows key lock, and a detachable palm rest. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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