game-of-thrones-free-burning-logo-401732HBO’s Game of Thrones is probably one of the biggest hits on TV these days. In fact last year we had heard that the TV show was a top torrent download but with 2014 bringing us new TV shows to watch, did Game of Thrones lose its steam? Hardly. According to a report from TorrentFreak, it looks like Game of Thrones has nabbed the crown of the most pirated TV show for 2014.


The TV show has managed to nab 8 million downloads via BitTorrent and if you’re wondering how the other TV shows fare, well it looks like they don’t even come close. AMC’s The Walking Dead managed an average of 4.8 million BitTorrent downloads and came in second place, followed by The Big Bang Theory at 3.9 million downloads. Interestingly enough How I Met Your Mother, which has since ended, managed 3.5 million downloads, beating out newcomer Gotham for fourth place.

Of course these numbers might not necessarily be 100% accurate as TorrentFreak has not include numbers for online streaming or downloads from file-hosting websites, so it is possible that the piracy numbers could be higher than what is published. That being said while some are not too happy about the show’s piracy, there are others who welcome it.

The show’s director said that piracy of the TV show was not an issue for him and HBO executive Michael Lombardo actually took it as a compliment that the show was this pirated. The show’s next season is expected to premiere in 2015 and we have to wonder if it will be breaking any new records then.

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