Microsoft is one of those companies that develops and builds both hardware and software products, so it doesn’t surprise anyone when it gets rumored that the company might be working on a new gadget. The latest rumor coming out of Taiwan suggests that the company is going to release a “head-worn” virtual gaming device in 2015, by the description alone one can figure out that this will be a virtual reality headset, not too different from the likes of Oculus Rift.

Citing sources from the upstream supply chain Digitimes reports that Microsoft is currently in the planning stage of development and it may first unveil this device at the E3 gaming show, destined to take place in June 2015. It is one of the biggest gatherings of its kind so an announcement there could get Microsoft the hype it needs for this product.

Those sources claim that the development will be taken care of by the hardware team at Microsoft, which also looks after the development of its Surface tablet.

This moves makes sense for Microsoft because rival Sony has already shown off its virtual reality gaming device, called Project Morpheus, and even if its not commercially available right now at least we know that it’s coming.

Microsoft makes the Xbox gaming consoles and this would be an excellent peripheral to provide an extension to the gaming experience. The Redmond-based company has not commented on this report as yet.

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