nexus-9-buttonsThe Nexus 9 is the latest Nexus tablet from Google, but what’s even more important is that this is the first Android tablet made by HTC in the past few years, so safe to say that there are many eyes on HTC to see how they are able to handle themselves in a market which is rife with competition at the moment.

Well so far based on several comments and reviews, there were some who took issue with the build quality of the tablet. These aren’t huge deal-breaker issues, but enough for users to complain. These complaints include a loose back panel, light bleeds, and overly-recessed power and volume buttons that makes them a chore to press.

However according to a recent image posted onto Reddit (via Pocketnow), it seems that this is something that HTC has quietly addressed in later builds of the tablet. As you can see in the image above, the buttons are now more pronounced. The light bleed is apparently still present but according to the poster, it isn’t as bad or obvious compared to before.

During our hands-on of the device we didn’t run into any of these issues ourselves so it could be isolated to a few tablets, but either way if you were on the fence regarding the tablet due to the alleged hardware issues mentioned above, perhaps this alleged fix will put your mind at ease.

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