ios-812-batteryIt does seem as though the battery issues associated with Apple’s iOS 8 has been talked about a whole lot – and it seems that in the past few month, the folks over at Apple has tried to fix it through several attempts without meeting any success. Perhaps the battery issue is the most persistent one of the lot, where the battery drain continued to plague the most recent range of iOS 8 devices. Most of the time, the battery drain is not attributed to the operating system itself, but rather, due to the kind of individual third-party applications that are run.

Apart from that, screen brightness, too, has something to do with the battery drain issue, and if someone were to change the “location settings” on different kinds of apps, things might actually change too. For those who own a spanking new Apple device – one ought to take note that the passcode lock happens to be a double-edged sword.

Basically, those who set a passcode to a device but ends up forgetting it, well, too bad for you since Apple is unable to fix that issue. I suppose on the other hand that can be considered to be decent security, right? Love it or loathe it, the iOS 8.1.2 update is here to stay.

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