Leica-Camera-official-response-on-M9-sensor-white-spots-corrosion-issueSo the other day we reported that Leica owners were complaining that white spots were popping up in their photos. It was suggested by a Leica representative on the forums that it could be due to the glass covering the CCD sensor in the camera that could be causing the issue, but if you wanted to be extra certain, Leica has since come forward with an official statement of their own.

According to Leica, “The marks on images mentioned earlier are related to the properties of the CCD sensor. The sensors are equipped with a specially coated IR filter cover glass to ensure optimum imaging performance. Should this coating layer be damaged, corrosion effects that alter the filter surface may begin to appear after several years.”

As expected, Leica will be offering a free replacement service to customers who have been affected by this issue. According to our previous report, it was suggested that those who owned older models might have to pay a small fee, but Leica has since clarified that this will not be the case and they will be offering a free replacement to all users.

“This goodwill arrangement applies regardless of the age of the camera and also covers sensors that have already been replaced in the past. Customers who have already been charged for the replacement of a sensor affected by this problem will receive a refund.” For those who believe they have been affected by the issue, you can take your camera to the Leica Customer Care to get it addressed.

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