The Lumia 535 from Microsoft is a mid-range smartphone powered by Windows Phone that was released recently. It was welcomed by WP fans because while it offers respectable specifications, it does so at an attractive price point, which make it enticing for customers. There’s also a slightly expensive variant which offers dual-SIM support so its geared towards emerging markets as well. Some early adopters who had been complaining about touch issues will be happy to hear that Microsoft has acknowledged these issues and has promised a fix soon.

The issues users are commonly facing with Microsoft Lumia 535 include incorrect multi-touch detection and the low touch sensitivity which means that the device doesn’t detect a tap at all or simply registers it in the wrong place.

Fear not though, there are no hardware issues with the Lumia 535, there will not be a product recall. These are issues that can be fixed through a simple software update and that’s what Microsoft is going to do. The company has said that it will soon release an over-the-air update for this device that is going to lower the touch sensitivity on Lumia 535 because already its higher than it should be.

We’ll let you know when the update lands, Microsoft hasn’t provided a confirmed release date.

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