pacman-restVideo games certainly have a major impact on our lives over the years, and it goes without saying that some of the more hardcore fans of certain video game franchises would love to eat at a restaurant that runs along a similar theme. We have seen an unofficial League of Legends restaurant open up in China, not to mention a Resident Evil restaurant in Japan alongside a World of Warcraft eatery in action as well, and here we are with word that Namco Entertainment intends to open the doors to their Pac-Man themed restaurant located near Chicago’s Woodfield Mall (as seen above) next January.

This particular restaurant will have 40,000 square feet of space, where it has been christened as Level 257, which pays homage to the famous final “killscreen” level in the original Pac-Man game. Right now, the website for Level 257 points to a cheeky sign that says, “Noming soon… to Chicagoland early 2015.” If you feel like you need an interim job just to get by at the moment as a college student for some income on the side, why not? They happen to be hiring. Hopefully this particular restaurant would not play endlessly repetitious music, sporting a dark lighting set up, not to mention allowing its patrons to gulp down large quantities of pills, chasing after hallucinations.

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