Out of all the first person shooters that id Software released to date, my firm favorite is still Quake. Not for the single player aspect of it, although speed runs are always nice to watch, but rather, because of the tension that the deathmatch matches carry. Who can forget DM6, otherwise known as “The Dark Zone”? Of course, there is always the frenzied rush for the rocket launcher and the red armor right from the moment both players spawned, not to mention having to keep track of the timing of when each item regenerates, resulting in some rather nail biting games. Well, it seems that there is a new way of playing a now classic game – through the use of an oscilloscope.

Finnish modder Pekka Väänänen picked up a copy of Quake and managed to have it run on a Huawei V-422 oscilloscope, now how about that? What you watch in the video above depicts the way Quake’s first level is navigated – all through the “graphics” as seen via an oscilloscope. Of course, I suppose the experience is rather disorienting at first, but one ought to get used to it after a while – somewhat akin to how Neo in the Matrix series sees things in code after he has been “resurrected”.

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