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Bethesda Introduces Battle Pass System To Quake Champions
Quake Champions is a free-to-play game. This means that players who don’t wish to spend any money on the game can still go ahead and enjoy it. The model Bethesda had adopted basically gave players access to one character in the game for free, and after which players who wanted to unlock more characters would pay a one-time fee to do so.

Google’s DeepMind AI Trained As A Team To Play Quake III
We have in the past seen AI take on human players in a variety of games. However for the most part these are one-on-one matches. However in recent times we’re starting to see how researchers are trying to train AI to have teamwork, such is the case with Elon Musk’s OpenAI which has recently been training to take on professional DotA 2 teams.

Quake Champions Early Access Kicks Off August 22
If you grew up playing FPS titles like Quake, then there’s a good chance you might have heard of the latest installment in the Quake franchise in the form of Quake Champions which was announced back in E3 2016, and if you can’t wait to get your hands on it then you might be interested to learn that Bethesda has announced the game’s early access.

‘Quake Champions’ Enters Into Public Beta
If you grew up playing games like Quake, you might have heard the news that Bethesda will be launching a new Quake game in the form of Quake Champions. The game has undergone closed beta testing and if you are interested in taking part in it, you’ll be pleased to learn that Bethesda is now opening it up to pretty much everyone.


Quake Champions Open Beta Will Begin This Weekend
Over the years we’ve seen quite a few FPS games released, but it has been a while since we’ve seen a Quake title. For those who aren’t familiar with the Quake franchise, along with DOOM and Wolfenstein, it is one of the classic games from back in the day that more or less helped kick off the FPS genre.

Quake Champions Closed Beta Will Eventually Get Australian Servers
For those who plan on taking part in the Quake Champions closed beta, which last we heard is scheduled to kick off on the 6th of April, and you don’t live in/near the US or Europe, you might be interested to learn that the id Software has confirmed that they will be adding Australian servers eventually.

Quake Champions Closed Beta Will Kick Off 6th April
If you grew up playing FPS games, there’s a good chance that you might have played one of the several Quake titles have been released. If you have, then you might have also heard that Bethesda and id Software will be back with a new Quake title in the form of Quake Champions, and that the game will be entering closed beta soon.

Quake Champions Will Be Free-To-Play
Last year when Quake Champions was announced, it was revealed that the developers had yet to determine a pricing model for the game. However according to a report from Polygon, it has been revealed that they have finally chosen their business model, and that they will be going the free-to-play route.

Quake Champions Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Now Live
Wolfenstein 3D is widely considered as the game that helped launch the first-person shooter genre, although there are some who believe that games such as Quake was what helped popularize multiplayer FPS games. Now it has been a while since we last saw a new Quake title, at least until last year where Quake Champions was announced.

Quake Champions Pricing Model Has Yet To Be Determined
Back in the day, games were sold right out, meaning you pay once and you were good to go. These days, developers and publishers are looking at alternative models, such as games paid on a subscription basis, games paid for once and they’re done, games with DLCs sold separately, or games that are free but generate revenue through in-game purchases.

Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer Debuts
Back at E3 in June earlier this year, id Software took the wraps off their next Quake game titled Quake Champions. Unlike previous versions of Quake, the new game introduces a class system meaning that the model you’ve chosen in-game will not be merely about aesthetics, but will also have an impact on how you play the game.

The Class System Of Quake Champions Explained In New Video
Last month during E3, id Software announced the latest Quake game that would be added to their portfolio: Quake Champions. Unlike previous Quake games in which pretty much the character model you chose was simply superficial, and that at the end of the day it really boils down to your skill level, Quake Champions will introduce a class system.

id Software Explains Why Quake Champions Is A PC-Only Game
These days developers tend to develop for multiple platforms when it comes to games, like the PC, Xbox One, and the PS4. Heck, even Blizzard who used to be pretty much PC-only has made the switch and games like Diablo 3 and the recently launched Overwatch have made it onto consoles.

New Quake Episode Released To Celebrate The Game’s 20th Anniversary
FPS games are a dime a dozen, but there are only some that can truly be called classics, and the Quake franchise is one of them. To celebrate the original Quake turning 20, the developers at MachineGames (who developed Wolfenstein: The New Order) have released a new episode for the original Quake game.

Quake Champions For Console Is A Possibility
Fans of the Quake franchise were probably thrilled when Quake Champions was announced during E3. The game is a PC-only game at the moment, which isn’t surprising given that the Quake franchise has typically been PC-only. However the good news is that the possibility of it arriving on consoles is not out of the question.

Bethesda Announces eSports Title Quake Champions
When it comes to FPS games, there are a handful that are considered classics, like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. So far we have seen new versions of Wolfenstein and Doom developed, and last month there were hints that a new version of Quake could be in the works as well, and sure enough there was.

Job Listing Hints At Possible Quake Reboot
FPS games probably wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for certain classic titles that set the tone and standard back in the day. These titles include Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. Now so far we’ve seen Wolfenstein get a reboot, and the latest Doom game was also just released, meaning that if anything, Quake would be ripe for a reboot as well.

Oscilloscope Shows Off A Round Of Quake
Out of all the first person shooters that id Software released to date, my firm favorite is still Quake. Not for the single player aspect of it, although speed runs are always nice to watch, but rather, because of the tension that the deathmatch matches carry. Who can forget DM6, otherwise known as “The Dark Zone”? Of course, there is always the frenzied rush for the rocket launcher and the […]

See Quake III Played On A Raspberry Pi
I remember when Quake III was first released, and back then 17” monitors were the norm, and playing it on a 19” monitor blew my mind away with the Riva TNT2 GPU, as I zipped through The Longest Yard at high resolution without missing a beat. It is then pretty difficult to believe how far computing power has come these days, with an example of Quake III running on a […]

Quake 5 might return to its roots
John Carmack, the boss of id Software, recently spouted out some good news for fans of the original Quake. The long time running series might be taking a trip back to its roots – if the game does come into fruition. According to a statement he recently made to Eurogamer, he said: “We are at least tossing around the possibilities of going back to the bizarre, mixed up Cthulhu-ish Quake […]