pizza-hut-640x0Imagine you’re at Pizza Hut and you’re trying to decide what pizza to order. Maybe you’re in the mood for pepperoni, or perhaps tonight going for a vegetarian option sounds good too, and basically you just can’t seem to decide what to get. Well how about letting Pizza Hut decide for you?

The pizza company is apparently working with Tobii Technology (the same company behind EyeX controllers) in developing a menu that will scan your eye movement to determine which particular topping you had your eye set on, even though it might have been a subconscious move on your part.

The menu is said to be laid out in a grid format with the 20 most common toppings presented to the user. The tablet will then scan your eye movement and within 2.5 seconds, it will be able to pick out the toppings it thinks you had your heart set on. So far they are claiming a 98% accuracy rating which is pretty impressive.

No word on when Pizza Hut plans on rolling out this new menu to its outlets, but they are considering it. It does sound pretty interesting actually but we’re not sure if this is a great idea or just a bit creepy. What do you guys think?

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