TobiiTechnology_EyeXControllerThe folks over at Tobii Technology, who happen to be the global leader in eye tracking, has just announced that it has begun to ship the Tobii EyeX Controller to developers who did place a pre-order for the dev kit earlier. The first batch will be shipped to developers who would want to integrate eye tracking into mainstream Windows applications as well as PC games. As part of the EyeX launch celebrations, Tobii will be putting the dev kit up for sale at $95 all the way to the end of the month, which is a cool $44 discount off the standard $139 price tag.

Oscar Werner, president of OEM Solutions, said  “With the Tobii EyeX dev kit, developers can unleash their creativity and start exploring eye tracking to harness completely new user experiences — experiences that are more natural, more intuitive and more fun. We’re really excited to be delivering the Tobii EyeX dev kit to developers all over the world and to see how developers will use the dev kit to customize programs for the specific needs of their user groups and audiences.”

Tobii also did agree with SteelSeries to roll out the world’s first gaming eye tracker to the masses sometime down the road in 2014. There is a bunch of game studios that are currently working on developing eye tracking-enabled games, with Tobii also collaborating with independent developers in order to roll out third-party content for upcoming consumer devices as well applications which will feature eye tracking capability.

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