171983-cell-phone-use-publicAs much as going to church is a religious experience for some, there are others who are there simply out of obligation despite their busy lives and schedules. This means that sometimes they might have to take a phone call during a sermon, reply to messages or emails, and so on. Safe to say this is a process frowned upon by many, much like you would frown upon someone chatting on their phone in the cinema.


Well it looks like one priest has had enough and decided to install a cellphone jammer in his church. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Father Michele Madonna had recently installed a $60 cellphone jammer in his church Santa Maria di Montesanto in Naples, Italy, after he got fed up of churchgoers whose phones kept going off during sermons and even funerals.

According to Father Madonna, he had initially put up with the phones and passively started to put up signs asking people to put their phones away as a sign of respect. “What really annoyed me is that when it first started, people would switch off their phones in embarrassment. Now they are cupping their hands over the receiver and carrying on talking.”

Safe to say not everyone is thrilled by the jammer, especially neighboring storekeepers who claims that the jammer has interfered with their credit card machines. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of people resorting to cellphone jammers for the “greater good”. Over in the US, a 60-year old man was fined when it was discovered that he drove around with a cellphone jammer in his car to prevent people from driving and using their phones at the same time.

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