Cell-Phone-JammerHow many times have we driven behind someone driving either very slow or erratically simply because they were too distracted by their mobile phone, either by texting while driving or talking while driving? We understand it can be particularly infuriating as such drivers could potentially cause accidents.

Well a 60-year old man from Florida by the name of Jason R. Humphreys decided to take things into his own hands and installed a cellphone jammer in his car, thus ensuring that those driving near/around him would not be able to use their devices. This went on for about 2 years before he was finally caught by the authorities who then proceeded to slap him with $48,000 in fines.

How Humphreys was caught was when MetroPCS detected that something was interfering with one of their cellphone towers. They alerted the FCC who then discovered that broadcast activity, the cellphone jammer in action, was being emitted by a Blue Toyota Highlander owned by Humphreys.

When the authorities eventually caught up to him, they discovered that their radios were disconnected from their dispatcher, thanks to the jammer that he had kept behind a seat cover. On one hand it is understandable what Humphreys is doing, which is trying to keep people from using their phones on the road.

However at the same time it is extremely dangerous because it also means that 911 calls cannot go out, not to mention that it interferes with WiFi, GPS, aircraft communications, and as we mentioned earlier, two-way radios used by law enforcement officials. It is unclear if Humphreys will be facing any jail time, but for now he has the $48,000 fine to worry about.

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