img_sony-logoHave you ever heard about Johnny Madrid or Lauren Brown? Perhaps not – unless you are a huge fan of Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman, as those were their respective aliases which were discovered after such information was stolen – and subsequently leaked over in the rather recent Sony Pictures fiasco. It must still be a rather terrible firefighting experience, so to speak, for everyone over at Sony Pictures, no thanks to the “efforts” of a hacking group known as Guardians of Peace.


Additional internal company documents have leaked out, and these would include both the aliases as well as contact information of a number of celebrities, where among them comprise of Jessica Alba, Daniel Craig and Jude Law, not to mention having a bunch of social security numbers exposed to boot.

Just to recap, the entire leaked data saga as well as public threats began not too long ago – a couple of weeks back in fact, when Guardians of Peace managed to breach Sony’s defenses, before picking up the company’s internal secrets. Ever since then, we have seen our fair share of leaked movies, company data, and sensitive information such as employees’ salaries and heck, their home addresses even. Pretty scary in this day and age of the digital world, no?

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