hangouts-gmailWhenever there is an instant messaging software in the vicinity, you know for sure that one thing needs to be attended to right from the get go – to set your existing status. The reason behind this? People on the same instant messaging network will be able to know whether you are contactable at that point in time or not. Google’s Hangouts has received an update slightly more than a week ago, and now we have received official word from Google that one is also capable of setting one’s Status on Hangouts – in Gmail itself, now how about that for a close level of integration?

In other words, Status messages for Hangouts in Gmail are “available” starting from today. The use of Status messages makes it a snap to inform the rest of your Gmail contacts of what you are up to at that particular point in time, whether you are about to head off for a well deserved break, or working from home, or happen to be mulling over the possibility of going bowling tonight with the rest of the gang.

You can also check out your friends’ statuses through the selection of the “Contacts” tab on the bottom left corner of Hangouts.

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