SteamControllerBack in 2013, Valve announced their Steam Machines and along with their Steam Machines, they also announced the Steam Controller which would be used to control the console. The initial design was a little controversial as it certainly strayed from what gamers are typically used to, however Valve later made updates and changed its design.

Well in case you’re not happy with the last design, you might be interested to learn that Valve has made yet another change to the Steam Controller’s design, which you can see in the image above. As you can see, the latest design of the Steam Controller is starting to look more conventional than ever.

Previously the controller had directional controls on either side followed by buttons in the middle. However it seems that with the latest iteration, Valve decided to throw in what appears to be an analog stick, a four-point directional guide, but keeping the touchpad on the right and the array of buttons as well.

Of course the design could change again for all we know, but given the more subtle changes, it seems that Valve is getting closer to finalizing its design. The Steam Controller’s release is pegged for 2015 and Valve has also confirmed their presence at GDC 2015 where there will be multiple Steam Machines made available for demo purposes. So what do you guys think of the latest design? Yay or nay?

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