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Valve Has Sold Over 500,000 Steam Controllers To Date
One of the main differences between gaming on a PC and a console in the living room is the input method. PC gaming generally involves using a keyboard and mouse, while living gaming relies on gamepads. However Valve has attempted to bridge the two by giving its Steam Machines an accompany Steam Controller.

Valve Wants Gamers To Mod The Steam Controller
The Valve Steam Controller for the Steam Machines is pegged for a release next month. As you might have realized over the past year or so, Valve has been releasing various designs before settling what many thought was the final version. However it seems that the version that will be released is not its final form.Speaking to Polygon, Valve designer Erik Johnson revealed that what Valve is ultimately after is […]

Steam Hardware Will Soon Be Available From GameStop
Many of us visit GameStop for all our gaming needs and soon the brick-and-mortar video game retailer is also going to stock up on Steam hardware. It’s kind of ironic, Steam is an online PC game distribution service which intends to cut out the likes of GameStop, but that’s not going to stop the retailer from offering Steam hardware in the near future.

Valve Demonstrates How The Steam Controller Will Work
The Steam Controller was announced a couple of years ago alongside Valve’s Steam Machines. Now unlike regular gaming controllers which are designed to with consoles played in the living room, the Steam Controller had to be designed in order to support video games that are available on Steam.This meant that the controller would have to be able to control games that might typically rely on a mouse and keyboard. Now […]


Pre-Orders For The First Official Steam Machines Open
It has been a very long time since Valve announced Steam Machines, which are basically computers that are designed like consoles to run Steam and the countless PC games that are available on it. Folks who have been interested in picking one up have had to wait for a very long time but finally Valve has opened up pre-orders for the first official Steam Machines. The console-like devices will run on […]

Valve’s Steam Controller Undergoes Another Redesign
Back in 2013, Valve announced their Steam Machines and along with their Steam Machines, they also announced the Steam Controller which would be used to control the console. The initial design was a little controversial as it certainly strayed from what gamers are typically used to, however Valve later made updates and changed its design.Well in case you’re not happy with the last design, you might be interested to learn […]

Valve’s Steam Machines Could “Someday” Be Competition For Sony
When it comes to gaming in the living room, consoles are currently dominating because that’s usually how it has been all this while. PC gaming, on the other hand, was more or less limited to your room which is not a bad thing, but this is something Valve is hoping to change with its Steam Machines and SteamOS.For those unfamiliar, Steam Machines is Valve’s answer to the console. Instead of […]

Valve Delays Steam Controller To 2015
Bad news gamers, if you loved the idea of Valve’s Steam Machines and were looking forward to getting your hands on them later this year, you could be disappointed to learn that Valve could be delaying it until 2015. According to a post on Valve’s Steam Community Page, Eric Hope was quoted as saying that due to the improvements and changes that Valve is making to their controllers, it would […]

Alienware Does Not Expect To Profit From Steam Machines
When Valve announced Steam Machines, it seemed like the company’s way of invading the living room space which is currently dominated by the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Now Valve will not be making these machines themselves, but will instead allow hardware OEMs to create their own devices, kind of like how Google provides Android as software, while leaving OEMs to come up with their own hardware and design.One […]

Valve Unveils Latest Steam Controller Design
When Valve announced SteamOS and Steam Machines, they also revealed the official Steam Controller which would be used to play games on the Steam Machine. It was a very unique design, somewhat controversial as it did away with traditional console controller buttons, D-pads, and analog sticks, but then again Steam Machines aren’t consoles, so they are meant to be played differently.In fact Valve’s Eric Hope was quoted as saying, “We […]

Alienware’s Steam Machines Will Not Be Upgradeable, Released On A Yearly Cycle
Earlier this month, Valve treated folks to an unveiling of several Steam Machines that would be debuting later on in the year. Popular gaming computer company, Alienware, was one of the companies that managed to get the license to build Steam Machines and it was a thing of beauty. It was sleek and not ostentatious in terms of its designs and kept the LED lights to a minimum. Last we […]

Valve Redesigns The Steam Controller, Adds D-Pads And Regular Buttons
Back in September, Valve showed off the Steam Controller which would be bundled and used together with its Steam Machines. Perhaps looking to set themselves as far apart as possible from regular console controllers, Valve went with a pretty unique and outlandish design which featured two trackpads and a small screen which could be used to display additional information. Admittedly it was a pretty unique design but it was met […]

Alienware’s Steam Machines To Arrive In September
Back at CES 2014, Alienware unveiled their own Steam Machine, joining 12 other companies who have all been tasked to creating Steam Machines for the masses. Given Alienware’s reputation when it comes to building gaming PCs and laptops, we’re sure many are curious as to how Alienware’s Steam Machine will perform. Unfortunately if you weren’t at CES yourself, you will have to wait until September 2014 to test it out. […]

Xbox’s Marc Whitten “Not Sweating” Over Steam Machines
A few days ago we reported that Gabe Newell did not seem overly impressed with Microsoft’s Xbox One sales figures, which was actually pretty impressive at 3 million units to date. Newell’s logic was that Steam had over 65 million users, so what’s 3 million, right? By that logic, it would seem that companies like Microsoft and Sony would have plenty to worry about, but as it turns out Xbox […]