nintendo-wii-u-review-18The Nintendo Wii U was launched in 2012 and we’re sure some gamers are wondering how well the console has done for itself so far. Well according to the latest numbers released by Media Create, they have revealed that the Wii U console has managed to sell more than 2 million units in Japan so far.

In fact back in October Nintendo’s quarterly financials revealed that they have managed to sell a little over 7 million units since it was launched two years ago, so safe to say that things are chugging along smoothly for Nintendo, somewhat. The 2 million mark is also ahead of the holiday season where sales are expected to spike around Christmas, so perhaps we will see the sales improve even more then.

That being said the 7 million mark isn’t very encouraging when you compare it to newer consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 4. The latest console from Sony has been on the market for about a year now but it was in April where they announced that they themselves have managed to sell over 7 million consoles, ultimately surpassing Nintendo’s figures in a fraction of the time.

However Nintendo still has several first-party titles in the works that have yet to be released and if games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are anything to go by, they should help boost the Wii U’s sales even more.

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