ps4It is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is doing very well, but how well are we talking about? Well according to Sony who have recently announced their latest figures, it seems that they have managed to sell over 7 million consoles to date.

It appears that things have been progressing pretty well for Sony. Back in November 2013, Sony announced that they managed to sell 1 million units in 24 hours. It was also later announced in February that Sony had sold 5.3 million units, and here we are a couple of months later where Sony announces that they have passed the 7 million units sold mark.

Now we know that there is a difference between units sold to consumers and units sold to retailers, so it should be noted that Sony mentions that the 7 million mark is sold to consumers, as opposed to retailers whose numbers are probably a little higher than that. So how does Sony fare against the competition from Microsoft’s Xbox One?

Unfortunately Microsoft has not updated its figures since January 2015 but according to reports, Microsoft has enjoyed a boost in Xbox One sales, thanks to the launch of Titanfall which at the moment is an exclusive to the Xbox platforms and the PC. In any case good on Sony for hitting those numbers and we can’t wait to see what those numbers might be when the PlayStation 4 hits its 1-year anniversary.

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