windows10-ie-patchI suppose we can say that this has been in the pipeline for quite some time now, and it has finally become reality. Apparently, the latest build of Windows 10 which leaked out recently will feature built-in FLAC support, making it native to the upcoming operating system. Of course, this should not come across as a huge surprise since Microsoft did tease FLAC support in Windows 10 prior, but at least you can now try it out for yourself.


Just in case you were wondering what FLAC stands for, it actually means ‘Free Lossless Audio Codec’, where it is able to shrink a file to approximately 50-60% of its original size, and when decompressed, the file would balloon back to its original state. Since we are talking about OS level support here, it would also mean that just about any Win32 or modern app would be able to seize advantage where this feature is concerned.

Apart from that, it has been discovered that MKV support would be thrown into the mix where Windows 10 is concerned in due time. All in all, how has your Windows 8 experience been, and are you looking forward to Windows 10 to arrive as soon as possible? I still find it difficult to adapt to Windows 8 and its nuances, even until now.

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