windows-phone-logoThere is news, and then there are rumors. Well, this time around, we have a “confirmation” of an old rumor – one that would see Windows Phone offer support for apps that are meant for the Android platform. Tom Warren has “confirmed” on Twitter earlier this year, where he reiterated that he has strong belief of what was mentioned to the rest of the world earlier this year.


One question though – do you think that having Android apps run on the Windows Phone platform is a good thing? After all, if that is the case, what will become of Windows Phone developers? They would more or less end up as an extinct breed, since there really isn’t any aim to reinvent the wheel, taking into consideration the relatively large stockpile of apps that are on the Android platform at the moment as opposed to what the Windows Phone Store offers. Of course, everyone can have different opinions, and this is a free country after all, right?

As a Windows Phone user, would you be pleased to see Android apps run on your Windows Phone handset? It would definitely be a curiosity worth checking out in my books, and I veer more towards the games that are available on Android.

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