zte-new-logoA new year is more often than not looked forward to by everyone, since it tends to signal a new start, allowing us to reflect on the year that has past, in addition to planning for the upcoming year. Having said that, a new logo tends to reinvigorate a company, and ZTE Corporation has just revealed their redesigned logo, which would present a brand new corporate identity which will be more closely aligned to the company’s strategy to focus on transformative value-added M-ICT innovations for consumers, carriers, enterprises and organizations in this day and age where both mobile connectivity and cloud-based technologies help to reshape the digital landscape.

Apart from that, there is also a spanking new ZTE slogan, “Tomorrow never waits”, which further reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to deliver technology solutions that will define the future to customers. Do you like what ZTE has done with their new logo, or do you think that there are better ways to make sure the message gets across to the masses? After all, a rounded design and lighter color of the new ZTE logo would jive with the company’s new CGO philosophy (Cool – Green – Open). A pretty decent effort all in all. [Press Release]

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