Android logoAh, figures and numbers – these are the stuff that folks always look forward to, whether it is the kind of market performance, or how a vehicle works, or even the total number of sales, all of such data works wonders in shaping the opinion and perception of the man on the street. We do know that in this recent quarter, Apple managed to arrive reached an important milestone where it managed to sell its billionth iOS-powered device. Sounds impressive, but that pales in comparison to what Android has achieved. In 2014 alone over a billion Android devices were shipped – at least according to Strategy Analytics. The analyst firm figured out that out of the estimated 1.3 billion smartphones shipped last year , more than a billion of those were powered by the Android platform.


It would be a folly to underestimate the growth rate of the smartphone industry as well as the potential to improve even further – in fact, smartphone shipments grew by a whopping 30% compared to 2013, and Android handsets moved from 800 million units shipped to a billion within that time period. iOS devices did lose some ground where market share is concerned, but I don’t suppose that that had negatively impacted Apple in an adverse manner, since they continue to report record quarterly profits, last we heard at least. [Press Release]

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