Yesterday Apple announced record breaking quarterly results. iPhone sales have soared taking the company’s profits along with them. $18 billion was earned in profit over the previous quarter that’s the most profit any company on the fact of this planet has ever posted in a single quarter. Not only that Apple CEO Tim Cook also revealed during the quarterly conference call that the company shipped its one billionth iOS device during the December quarter. That’s right, the one billionth iOS device.

To date Apple has shipped more than one billion iPhone, iPad and iPod touch units combined. It is a testament to Apple’s strength and position of dominance in the global market. Its also a major milestone that Apple has every right to celebrate.

During the conference call Cook said that the one billionth iOS device was shipped on November 22nd. It was a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus in space-gray “which we’ve saved here at Apple.”

Cook also put into perspective the iPhone’s record 74.5 million unit sales during the quarter. This comes down to 34,000 units being sold every single hour, “24 hours a day, every day of the quarter.”

Following the company’s record breaking results analysts are now changing their position on Apple. Cupertino itself sees ample room for further growth and now its a race to the second billionth unit shipment for Apple.

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