Amazon tries different things from time to time. Six months ago it launched a new Wallet app for gift cards that was closed today, never to be seen again in this form. Less than two months ago the company launched its own line of diapers but today it notified customers that these diapers will no longer be available for purchase.

A notification was sent out by Amazon today to those who had subscribed to purchase its Amazon Elements line of diapers. It said that sales are being discontinued, Amazon didn’t say if this is a permanent move, so the possibility exists that its diaper line might return in the future. For now though they won’t be available for purchase anymore.

In its email Amazon said that based on feedback from customers its make “some design improvements to the diaper.” It is offering a $25 credit to customers affected by this move and the chance to try out the new diapers when they’re put up for sale.

Alongside the diapers Amazon had also launched a line of baby wipes and sales of that product are not being discontinued. Amazon’s baby wipes can still be purchased.

The Amazon Elements products can only be purchased by Amazon Prime members, a program that costs $99 per year, and provides access to a vast library of music, TV shows and movies as well as free two-day shipping for products purchased via the online retailer.

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