kuratasAmazon sells just about anything and everything. Looking for clothes? Check. Looking for movies? Check. Looking for Amazon produced TV shows? Check. Looking for a $1 million robot? Check. Wait, what? Yup, if you have about $1 million to spare, it seems that Amazon Japan is actually selling a rideable mech robot that you can buy.

The robot in question is the Kuratas which some of you guys might recall from a few years ago. It’s a huge robot that users can ride and live out their Gundam and MechWarrior fantasies, assuming you have the cash for it of course. The robot comes equipped with BB Gatling guns that can reportedly fire off 6,000 rounds per minute which is actually pretty awesome.

It also weighs about 5 tons and will stand at 3.8 meters tall. Now according to Amazon’s listing, there are some caveats to buying. For starters there are no shipping discounts for the robot via Amazon Prime, and also it seems that for whatever reason, the Kuratas robot will not come with any arms which you will have to purchase separately.

However at the end of the day if you think that this is a robot that you’d love to own, just pop on over to Amazon Japan’s website to check out the listing for yourself. Oh, and you’ll want to make sure to bump your credit card’s limit at the same time.

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