antelope-rubicon[CES 2015] There is a price to pay for everything in life, and some things are more expensive than the rest simply because it comes with a higher quality. Having said that, Rubicon is touted to be the first Atomic AD/DA converter in the world, where it has been specially refined to include the latest groundbreaking technology from Antelope Audio. Each Rubicon unit will be hand assembled, and of course, you will have to break the bank to own one of these high end devices, especially when you take into consideration the price tag of $40,000 a pop.


The Rubicon cannot be purchased through a walk-in order at any store, but rather, it is available exclusively through custom order, and will boast of DSD128 and 24-bit/384 kHz PCM streaming via its custom, ultra-low jitter USB interface. Apart from that, it will also feature unmatched conversion capabilities, letting the Rubicon deliver the ultimate listening experience through the use of a transformer-based JFET preamp and linear, dual stage headphone amplification.

Right in the middle of the Rubicon would be one of the most precise timing reference generators developed to date, known as the Rubidium 10 MHz atomic clock. This particularly exquisite timepiece would allow Rubicon to deliver the absolute finest in detail and audio clarity. If you are an audiophile who does not compromise, the Rubicon is worth looking into for sure.

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