How many of us actually write letters to one another these days? The snail mail kind – one where you actually need to use a pen in order to write down letter by letter, your every single thought. Pretty rare, I would say, especially since we are in the age of e-mail and instant messaging. Still, digital documents lack that kind of warmth and personal touch, and Bond’s intelligent scribing system could deliver the best of both worlds, by manipulating an actual ballpoint pen to write on regular paper.

Of course, Bond will be able to offer such a service in a series of carefully-chosen fonts. Two of the font options that would pique the interest of many would be Nikola Tesla and Sigmund Freud, both of them towering figures in their respective fields. Imagine the kind of reaction you would get from someone whom you know is a huge fan of them, upon receiving such a letter!

Bond’s services are not cheap though, as it costs $199 for the basic service that will deliver rather convincing results. For those who have deeper pockets, Bond can tweak things further to a level that ought to be able to fool most ordinary folk into thinking that it is you writing that letter. The asking price? $499, and an hour of your time to work alongside Bond’s handwriting experts in their New York City HQ. Robots that draw are already upon us, and now here we have one that writes.

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