Jr_Orange_300DPI_RightDo you subscribe to the notion that 3D printers are usually expensive pieces of technology that are hard to come by and happen to be very heavy on the pocket? You couldn’t be further from the truth. There are countless options available in the market which don’t break the bank while allowing hobbyists to get their 3D printing fix, and the da Vinci Junior from XYZprinting is a great example. The company calls it “the world’s most affordable 3D printer.”

The da Vinci Junior is the latest addition in XYZprinting’s Da Vinci lineup. Its $299 price point brings 3D printing to a broad range of consumers which could previously not take advantage of the technology due to high initial costs.

There is no assembly required as the da Vinci Junior is plug-and-play. There’s simple filament loading and reloading with an enclosed printing area for a safe printing environment. Users can print directly from a SD card inserted in the machine. Weighing only 12kg the da Vinci Junior consumes 75 watts of power for printing and uses the fused filament fabrication technology.

XYZprinting showed off the da Vinci Junior at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, where attendees can experience the 3D printer at the company’s booth.

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