dynamic[CES 2015] Credit cards are extremely useful modes of payment, although there is the never ending battle against credit card fraud. Still, many security measures have been taken over the years to ensure that credit cards are safer than ever before to use, such as introducing a smart chip, but more can always be done. Dynamic Inc. intends to look to deliver what they call “interactive functionality” to its credit cards, and among the lot exhibited over at CES, the most interesting ones, apparently, were credit cards that made use of e-ink displays.


Dynamic Inc. claims that credit cards with e-ink displays located on the front will be able to digitally and temporarily obscure sections of the credit card number – which means it will be a whole lot more difficult to check out what the number is if you are a fraudster, and the area itself will remain vacant – at least until the right PIN is entered physically by an authorized user.

At the back of the card, an e-ink display too, would be in place of the standard security code. This display will have a more interesting role to play, since it will offer a dynamically changing security code – further adding to the overall security of each individual transaction. How this will work remains to be seen, but it is a step in the right direction.

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