Here’s a nifty little product that we spotted at CES Unveiled just now. Called the eGeeTouch smart luggage lock it will keep a suitcase securely locked without you having to deal with any keys or remember the combination. instead the smart lock uses NFC technology to secure the luggage. This makes it able to figure out when you’re near so it can unlock automatically.


There are multiple reasons why the company went with NFC over Bluetooth. The fact that its based on proximity, can connect faster and uses a lot less power is why NFC has been chosen.

So how do you go about unlocking the eGooTouch? Use the accompanying NFC key tag and the Android app. For those who use an iPhone or any other device that doesn’t allow developers to leverage NFC there’s an NFC sticker.

eGeeTouch says that its proprietary “Intelligent Encryption” technology ensures that a unique code is generated from 100 million possibilities so the lock doesn’t get opened by another NFC device that’s nearby.

TSA isn’t going to have a problem with this smart luggage lock because it happens to be compliant with the guardians of the airports. TSA can open the lock up with their standard master key. The company says that the battery is good for three years on a charge, and even if it dies, you can just hook it up with a USB power pack to gain access to your luggage.

At first the eGeeTouch smart luggage lock will be sold to luggage manufacturers for $25-$30. Consumers will be able to purchase it as well down the line and use it with their existing pieces of luggage for roughly the same price point.

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