project-ara-teaserAs you might have heard in our earlier report, Google revealed that they would be testing Project Ara devices in Puerto Rico. Google also revealed during their announcement that the Ara Configurator app will be one of the ways in which users will be able to configure their devices to their liking.

So how exactly does the Ara Configurator work? Well according to a report from The Verge, the Ara Configurator app functions similarly to how Moto Maker works at least in terms of concept. It allows users to design pretty much every aspect of the phone, ranging from its exterior shell, to the modules, and even the “endo” frame of the device.

The app will allow you to move back and forth between three layers of customization where users pinch the screen to move between them. Users can swipe left and right which will take them to a summary of the phone and the marketplace where all the different options and modules are there for your choosing.

Users can then pick their favorites and save them, and later you can actually start building your phone. When you’re done, the final screen will show you how much your unit will cost and will even provide some estimates such as battery life. You will also be able to place your order there.

We reckon it will be a while before Google opens up Project Ara to the masses on a retail level, but in the meantime it sounds very interesting and we’re sure many can’t wait to start customizing their own phone.

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